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You can support FICF in the following ways:

  • By sponsoring a child
  • By making a donation for a specific program or initiative
  • By contributing towards the administrative costs
  • By making a general donation

Sponsoring a child

There are many children who are in need of educational aid. If you wish to support one or more children, you may write to us. FICF will send you a profile of the available candidate(s). Report and pictures will be sent once a year.

Cost of sponsoring a child

You can support a child with an amount of CHF 30/- (USD 30, EUR 30, GBP 20) for a month and an initial one-timepayment CHF 100/- (USD 100, EUR 100, GBP 70).

Getting in touch with the sponsored child or involved in a program

FICF encourages sponsors to visit their sponsored children in India. Visiting your sponsored child is a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand how much your generous contribution is making a big difference in a child’s life and giving him/her a hope to live and future to look forward to.

If you wish to travel to India, apart from meeting your sponsored child or to see or get involved in one of the programs or projects of FICF, the following could be organized in addition on case by case basis:

1. Economical flight tickets to India and within India
2. Hotel and other sight-seeing arrangements in India for a reasonable price

For more details contact FICF Swiss or write to Jessy Benjamin Levi at jessylevi@gmail.com