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Tuition and Nutrition Program (TNP)

Tuition and Nutrition Program (TNP)

In several parts of rural India, children often have no interest in formal education as they are not habituated to it. Nor do their parents encourage them to go to school due to poverty. Infact, these children are encouraged to work at home, field or as laborer to get a square meal a day. Often these children are malnourished too.

  • This program focusses on the children who have already enrolled themselves in the government schools in their villages and also those who have dropped out from the school because of family constraints.
  • These children are motivated to continually attend the regular schools where they have enrolled themselves.
  • They are called to a tuition center 4-5 times during the week after school and the teachers and staff involved in this program help them in learning again what they have learnt in school
  • This encourages them and creates confidence in their abilities
  • They are provided nutritious cereals/snacks and drinks to help improve their physical condition.