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Visitor’s perspective

Visitor’s perspective

The last stop of my 6 months of world travel was India. I visited two charities in India, one of which was FICF. Georgy Abraham, one of the staffs of FICF, picked me up and took good care of me. It was interesting to spend time with his two children who showed me the surrounding area. I enjoyed travelling with a family. I had the opportunity to stay with the family of Benji and Jessy (the founders of FICF who live in Switzerland) who were very hospitable.

One evening, we visited the homes of 3 children in that area who are supported by FICF. I knew about poverty from my other visits but it is always a shock to see how a family of 4 members can live in a small place of about 6 m2 with a corrugated iron sheet. There is almost no trace of safety, cleanliness or privacy, which is unimaginable for a Swiss. Yet these people are striving for a better future for their children and FICF gives them hope and support.

It is overwhelming to see the impact of a donation of CHF 30/month. It impacts almost 3 generations (the children who are thankful to FICF that they can receive a good education, their siblings and their parents) who help break the clutches of poverty and change lives.

CHF 30 a month for us is like an evening at a cinema with popcorn each month. Isn’t it fascinating?